An iconic sight on Australian beaches for more than a century, volunteer surf lifesavers are recognised worldwide and provide a unique community service. Surf lifesavers are easily recognised by the famous red and yellow cap, and their bright red and yellow uniforms.

Moruya Surf Life Saving Club has provided a safe swimming environment at Moruya beaches since 1932. While being active in all areas of competition, we are also strong supporters of our local community.

The club patrols Moruya Beach from November to April each year, and when resources are available, these services are extended to Shelly Beach and the beach in front of Dolphin Beach Caravan Park.  The level of expertise required to provide these services ensures our members are regularly updated with current training.

During the season the surf club holds Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) and Bronze Medallion qualifying courses.  You must hold an SRC or Bronze Medallion to be a patrolling surf lifesaver.

Our SRC and Bronze courses commence in October and March and run on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings until Assessment (usually in six weeks). For more information contact our Chief Training Officer at .

Patrol Sign Up

Once you hold your SRC or Bronze Medallion you then sign up to a minimum of five patrols in a season at days and times that suit you via the button below:

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on

Scroll through the calendar on the SignUp webpage, pick at least 5 patrols you can do (including at least one public holiday), complete the details and you will be rostered on those days. Please make sure you do a mix of side and peak season patrols.  Every patrol must have a minimum of four lifesavers.

You can roster yourself on the same days as friends or family as long as there is a spot available.  First in, first served.  If you do not sign up yourself, the Club Captain will assign you to ensure we provide the minimum number of lifesavers for every patrol.  Once the minimum four spaces are filled, additional spaces will be available on that patrol.

For further information about patrols, please contact our Club Captain at .

Once you sign up for a patrol, it is your responsibility to find a substitute if you can’t attend a patrol. Failing to turn up or messaging the Club Captain at the last minute is not OK.  Start by asking people personally and then try using our Moruya SLSC Facebook page. If you still can’t find someone, contact your patrol captain for more help. Their details are on the Signup page


It is your responsibility to ensure you are proficient for patrol.  Annual SRC and Bronze skills maintenance are held on two days in November and December, you only need to attend one of the days. You must also complete the skills maintenance online modules on the Surf lifesaving Members Portal before you do your requalification.  Don’t forget to bring a print out of your certificate for all the awards to the skills maintenance day:

If you want to patrol or compete you must have done your proficiency before 31st December.

On Patrol

Competition Requirements

If you are a competitor, it is important to be aware of all the competition requirements for patrols. Check out SLSC policy 5.4 for more info.